Microwave Repair

(8 customer reviews)


Microwave oven repair by expert technicians.



Showing charge is for booking and technician visiting charges which is fixed-no refundable.

Price includes only visit, checkup & diagnosis of microwave.

Spare parts charges will be extra.

8 reviews for Microwave Repair

  1. rajeev

    Very nice microwave repair company.

  2. Ramij

    Perfect microwave service company near me Raipur. Happy work

  3. Drsthi

    They repaired my microwave in same day. My grill microwave working fine. I am from Ranchi.

  4. Dunoji

    Give 5 star rating for my microwave works fine.

  5. Shivendra

    Best microwave company in Bhopal.

  6. Devendra

    Nice company to repair microwave in Indore.

  7. Dharmu

    Fair price of microwave repair in Chandigarh.

  8. Sanjoy

    Best mohali microwave repair company. Go for it. Fair deal.

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